Let’s Be The Change!

My biggest fear is not me losing my dogs. I mean, let’s face it. That will happen one day. I hope it’s not for many, many more years though. It’s them losing me. Me leaving them here (on this horrible earth) without me is just a terrible thought. A thought that brings me to tears. I’m the only one on this earth that shows them so much love and attention. I just can’t stand the thought of how they’d feel if I was no longer in their lives. The confusion! How can people leave behind their animals on roads or sewers and ditches and such? How can they just walk away from these sweet little companions?

Dogs can teach us so much. They can teach us to love unconditionally. They can teach us to love others for their differences and accept them. They can teach us to be loyal to others as we’re supposed too. How to be a true friend. I don’t know about you but my dogs do their best to protect me. They are loyal. They are my best friends. They love EVERYONE. They are always, pretty much, happy. Why can’t we love like they do? Unconditionally, no matter the differences? Be a loyal friend or neighbor to others? Treat people like they treat people? Instead we tear each other apart. We bash each other, or worse, kill each other because of skin color, or differences in religious beliefs, or even bring ppl down because your own life is nothing but misery, ect.. I feel very sad watching all this hate. Let’s love and care for others like dogs do. Let’s be the change we wanna see. Let’s be that one true friend who needs one. Not judge others lives because they are different then us. Time to love others and respect others in the same way YOU YOURSELF wants to be loved and respected. 

“Do to OTHERS (ALL PEOPLE) as YOU would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31


~*Season of Giving*~

Well, it’s now Christmas Eve and I am sitting in my living room, in the dark, memorized by the Christmas tree lights. As I sit here I think of my family and how amazing they are. I think of them opening their gifts and pray that they like them. Which brings me to another thought.

Giving…. This world has lost the true meaning of Christmas. It’s about giving love to those who don’t know what love is. Whichever way you decide to give, do it because you want too. Not because it’s an obligation. Do it from the heart! Show a stranger how Jesus loves by buying them a meal, giving them something they need/want, or simply giving them a kind word or a hug. I, myself, am broke. I can’t help when it comes to money, but I can help somebody carry groceries from their car, walk their dog, or even care for somebody in need. So if you don’t have money to give, then just give some of your time to help somebody in need. A little kindness goes a LONG way.

The true meaning of Christmas is Christ, who was born to save us! He sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins. On His birthday, He had us in mind. He came to show us how to live and to die on that cross for our transgressions and sins. Best Gift Ever! If Jesus can give His life (for us who don’t even deserve it) why can’t we help and give to those we think don’t deserve it also?

It comes back to Jesus, His love, and how much He cared for EVERYBODY! Aren’t we to love and give as He did? Can’t we pay it forward? Trust me! It makes a huge difference in the persons attitude and  makes their day, if you do something nice for somebody else. If you have time, give it! Buy somebody some groceries if you can. Give to the needy and poor. Pray for the Good Lord to provide for you to give in a way and make a difference, but continue this throughout the year. When did we get so greedy and mean? Why can’t we just open our hearts and love by giving our money or time to those in need?

Jesus is the reason for the season!