Internet Safety…


Now a days, it’s not safe to let our kids walk the streets alone anymore. Let alone on the internet without watching them. We as adults, are to teach them the dangers of the internet. To protect them from harm.

A couple months back, my niece who is like 12 or 13, was tagged in a pornographic video. Probably because she accepted anybody and everybody who asked her. It scared me! I started thinking, “Who are these people?”, “What if she tells them important info not realizing it and she gets kidnapped?” or “What if she trusted a person who says they are her age but isn’t and meets up with them?” It got my head just spinning. “How can I protect her?” She lives so far from me now.

We need to teach them how dangerous people are. Teach them how people on the internet can’t be trusted and how they may not be who they say they are. Teach them not to share personal info (phone #, address, school name, full name, school mascot even, ect.) with those over the internet. Teach them not to meet up with a friend they met on the internet, unless accompanied by a trusted adult. Stuff like that.

So many parents are buying iPhones, laptops and tablets for their kids and that’s ok as long as you teach them. Watch and monitor what they are doing on the internet at all times. This is a very important matter that YOU as a parent should do. The internet is a very, very dangerous thing to mess with. Something that seems so harmless…ISN’T.

Watch and educate your kids to keep them safe!

stay safe online


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