~*The Love of an Animal: Part 1 “The Introduction!”*~

I have always grown up around animals my whole life. Either we have had cats, dogs, or guinea pigs. Lately we have even had a horse and a rabbit. No matter what kind of animal it is, we loved them whole heartedly. My parents showed us how to love not only by loving us as parents do, but buy teaching us to love these small furry little friends the way we’re supposed to love everyone.


When I was 12, or maybe 13, we got a full blooded 4 month old Dalmatian named Tiffany. Called her Tiffy for short. Man, she was the smarted dog. Yes, as a puppy she got into things she shouldn’t have. One day, she ate a few bags full of soda cans. Not one scratch in her mouth. She would growl at us when we walked out the back door where she’d be. She even played tag with us in the backyard. Yes, I said it, TAG! She was the sweetest dog out there, full of love, but she would protect us if anyone she didn’t know came around us. I remember being in the van at wal-mart and my older sister walking to the car. Tiffy was ready to tear into her because she didn’t know who she was. She lived to be 13 years.

A few days after getting Tiffy, we got my sweet Angel. She was a very scared Chihuahua. I believe whoever had her before us was a male animal abuser, because she didn’t take to well to guys. She loved to play, after she got used to us, of course. She never would bite hard when she did. She was a very smart girl. She was my “girly girl” as I called her. She followed me everywhere. She knew how to get her tail, beg, sit, roll over, and speak when told. Lived 9 1/2 years before I had to put her down for organ failure. I had her for 7 of those years.

We had also gotten a cat. My twin sisters cat. Now, he was cute as can be, but a brat. If you did anything to him, he’d remember and get you back much later when you least expected it. He was so smart and as he got older he was very sweet. He soften up. He was so strong. He not only beat cancer, but he had also lived with congestive heart failure for years. He loved my sister. He made it 16 years and passed in her arms.

Can’t forget sweet Tito boy. He was literally the SWEETEST dog alive. Always full of hugs and kisses. He was unfortunately attacked by the dog in the yard behind us on Easter morning. Worst Easter Ever!! We prayed and cried and sang songs to him while he passed.

Now I’m all grown up and have always had an animal in my adulthood too.


Skittles was my rabbit. She was so sweet as long as you let her run. She hated the cage. She loved giving nose kisses, cuddling, and lots and lots of carrots. 🙂 I miss her!

Baby Grace

My first dog after my Angel was Gracie. I got her when she was 4 weeks old. She chewed on EVERYTHING. I’m not even exaggerating. She wasn’t the brightest. She chased a frog and spit it out, then grabbed him again and spit in out again and again. She got into fights with other dogs, snuck out of our fence when in heat before and was just a huge brat. Now she is grown. Almost 10 years on Feb. 26th. Now, she is so smart. My twin told her one day to get her tail, for chicken and after several attempts, turned around to cook her food and said “You’re not getting any til you get your tail.” My twin sis literally turned around to her chasing her tail and died laughing. 

And this morning Gracie jumped in my bed, with her nasty toy, to play. I took the toy from her and pretended to throw it. (Usually she doesn’t fall for that trick at all) She took off down the hallway looking for it leaving me with some time to hide it. I squeak it to get her to come back. She comes running and looking all over my bed for it. Jc asks, “Where is it?” I responded with “Behind my pillow between mattress and head board.” Gracie is a really, really smart dog because as soon as I had said that, she went straight to the toy and grabbed it. Sometimes, it scares me how smart she really is. lol

We also just recently had a horse. Named him Freckles because he was white with small black dots. He loved our family so much. He loved giving hugs and he would stand there and just be happy as long as you talked to him. He was a smart horse. Reminded us of “Mr. Ed”. He loved APPLES. Poor thing was put down for having cancer all throughout his body. 😦

My first Boston Terrier named Meaty. So happy and full of life. Loved to play and he was a fan of water. Loved the beach and lakes. Loved chewing on things. I found out about 4 years ago he had heart worms and I literally would walk 3.5 miles to wal-mart for a bag of chicken (It was the only thing he’d eat) and 3.5 miles back, by myself, just to make sure he ate. He passed away on March 27th about 3 or 4 years ago. I cried whenever I saw a Boston Terrier after him.

Til I saw…Elvis! I had to have this 4 month old Boston Terrier puppy that had so much love in his heart and energy in his step. He is now 3 years and the best ever. He loves apples, pretty much food in general. Both him and Gracie love it when mommy gives them fruits and veggies. They love carrots, apples, cucumbers, oranges, watermelon, celery, and a few pieces of bananas or peanuts. Gracie loves car rides, while Elvis doesn’t. They love cuddling and their long daily walks to explore. Most of all, they love each other.

Gracie and Elvis
If you don’t have a dog and can’t treat them as a family member, you shouldn’t get one. If you choose to get one, ADOPT! Don’t shop for one. There are so many out there (cats and dogs) that need homes. They all need love! 🙂


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